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Email Marketing


Get in Touch with Email Marketing

Personal meeting is said to be the most efficient way of communicating with someone. Yet no matter how much will there is on our part to be on the same place where our clients are, meeting them face to face is not always possible.

If you haven’t realized by this time, there are lot more potential paying clients waiting on the other end. You are running a business and thus there is a call for you to reach these people. This is to gain the business advantage over your competitors. Fortunately, with the presence of new technology and the internet, bringing your services or your products to where your target customers are, can be done at an earlier time.


Get Closer with Email Marketing

Communication among you, your business, and your client is too essential. It is a bridge that connects you to the people to whom you intend to deliver your message to. With this fast changing and competitive world of business and various industries, to do a job in a more efficient way is a must.

Electronic marketing or simply email marketing is one of the many strategies utilized by many business owners to date. It is a way of sending messages to a group of people through electronic mail. In most cases, emails are sent to deliver business message, promote it, or even ask for solicitations. To build loyalty and to establish good business relationship are only two of the reasons why email marketing is being done.

There are two kinds of business relationship that are being built through this marketing strategy. One is the relationship between the business and the existing client and the other is the type of relationship where a business is aiming to create a new connection between itself and a probable client.

Email marketing seems to be so easy. It sounds as if you are only sending messages electronically. However, the importance and the effectiveness of this marketing strategy could never be realized until it is performed correctly.

It is a good business practice to be at most time looking over your business personally. But this is not always your case. There are more details and phase of business that you have to attend to as the business owner. Thus, it would be great to hire someone to do some stuff for you like email marketing.

Our Way of Doing Email Marketing

BMC Solutions is with you on your will to enhance the traffic of your business to finally convert potential clients into real and paying ones. We target three groups of email recipients. They are your existing, new, and probable client.

We at BMC Solutions do not only send messages as they are. We make sure that the essence of the message is shown. We understand that it is not enough to simply click “send” button and deliver your message. We definitely know that more than that, your business needs personal touch and that your clients have to feel someone is there to help them on their needs.

These are exactly what we can do for you. So happen that you think your time would never be enough to send all your messages to all your targeted audience, give us a call and we’ll handle it for you.

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  • We have just recently started up our own online shop and had BMC Solutions design, create and set up our website for us. Ben at BMC Solutions has been fantastic throughout the whole development of it and continues to support us whenever we need it. He has some really creative and funky ideas and is always on the ball! He knows everything there is to know about websites/internet/search engines etc etc and we have been so happy with him and our website so far. Thanks guys! Continue the fabulous work.

    Makeup Spa

  • We recently had our website made through BMC Solutions. I am extremely happy with the website & have received lots of work since it has been running. BMC Solutions have been great to deal with & also given ongoing support & even given some great info on helping with google ranking. Thanks again for your help.

    Steven Anthony
    Director, Total Denture Care

    Total Denture Care

  • BMC solutions exceeded my expectations with their creative, clean professional web designs. BMC Solutions were amazing value charging only a fraction of the price of competing web designers for a similar outcome. Their innovative web designs gave potential clients great confidence in consulting our office.
    BMC Solutions optimised my website in a matter of months to give me the competitive edge in the marketplace. The client generation and exposure in this period of time was incredible.

    Dr Ryan Gleeson
    Director, Como Chiropractic

    Verve chiropractic