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Make Your Business More Organized And Productive

Either your business is starting or already established, organizing your data and activities will be always your priority. With the overwhelming things to do from paperworks and documents, presentations and spreadsheet, calling clients, preparing invoices, customer support, analytics and more all comprehensively compiled in one online application, ZOHO.

Remember: a quite neat and systematic office space opens the way for a much higher productivity, efficiency and saving time and effort.

As the online market and industry continue to become mobile, your business needs to keep abreast and adapt to the trend as well. Expect that as your business grows, the more things you should be focusing on. But no need to keep the burden all by yourself! Zoho is developed to assist individuals and companies to have an organized business easy flowing transactions and highly accurate results.

All these you can have with the help of BMC Solutions!



What Is Zoho?

Zoho is a collection of applications and services available for individuals who want to have their businesses and activities organized and well- managed. With features and tools worthwhile that are offered by Zoho, this can be absolutely possible.

With Zoho, you can fully concentrate with your business while we take care of finding and utilising the right tools and methods as well as apps that will get you more sales, more leads, get paid, support customers-thus making your business more productive.

As of today, has launched 25+ online applications. This includes CRM to Mail, Office Suite, Project Management, Invoicing, Web conferencing and a lot more a proof that’s Zoho is continuing to innovate to render quality and impressive services.

Features And Advantages Of Using Zoho

BMC Solutions take part of your business goals of achieving the success every business owner is targeting. With the following features of Zoho, it will be just a step away.

  • You can upload any data covering any files type.
  • Push Data from both Hosted & Behind Firewall Applications / Databases. With Zoho, you can connect to different kinds of databases as well as uploads and synchronization. Today, Zoho can support access to Calendar, Sheet, Show and Creator, Mail, Writer, and more through mobil websites via Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia platform devices.
  • Visual Analysis. You can have creative and presentable reports for your business.
  • Wide Range of Reporting Components. You want a report with pivot tables, charts and more? Name it! We’ll help you create them!
  • Create business dashboards easily by drag-and-drop. Various layout features can be flexibly embedded to reports.

Other features include:

  • Easy to Adopt ‘Spreadsheet-like’ Interface
  • Powerful Data Modeling and Joining Data Sets
  • White Labeling (Complete Re-branding / Private Labeling) Option
  • Query with SQL
  • Email, Export & Print Reports
  • Collaborative Analysis
  • Embed Reports Anywhere
  • Organize your Reports into Folders
  • Extensible Development Platform
  • Highly Secure

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  • We have just recently started up our own online shop and had BMC Solutions design, create and set up our website for us. Ben at BMC Solutions has been fantastic throughout the whole development of it and continues to support us whenever we need it. He has some really creative and funky ideas and is always on the ball! He knows everything there is to know about websites/internet/search engines etc etc and we have been so happy with him and our website so far. Thanks guys! Continue the fabulous work.

    We recently had our website made through BMC Solutions. I am extremely happy with the website & have received lots of work since it has been running. BMC Solutions have been great to deal with & also given ongoing support & even given some great info on helping with google ranking. Thanks again for your help.

    Steven Anthony
    Director, Total Denture Care

  • BMC solutions exceeded my expectations with their creative, clean professional web designs. BMC Solutions were amazing value charging only a fraction of the price of competing web designers for a similar outcome. Their innovative web designs gave potential clients great confidence in consulting our office.

    BMC Solutions optimised my website in a matter of months to give me the competitive edge in the marketplace. The client generation and exposure in this period of time was incredible.

    Dr Ryan Gleeson
    Director, Como Chiropractic