November 10, 2014

Marketing 101: Make Use of Images to Attract Customers to Your Website

Good movies are often good books. Famous books that had already proven something in the form of text would surely be a good movie hit that everyone could enjoy. Not everyone is a good reader but almost everyone loves to watch a movie. This could simply explain how plain text could be boring most of the time to most people while visual effects are appreciated by majority.

This principle should also be incorporated in your website. Not every one that would visit your site is a patient reader. Providing pictures, videos and beautiful layouts (great ones) could somehow attract customers to your website

But how could images help you attract customers to your website?

Posts became more interesting

Images that are related to your posts would enhance the interest of your readers to read the full article and even browse the next one. In the contrary, bad images would have a bad impression about your article.

Your article could be easily remembered

Funny, interesting images would stay in the mind of the readers who find it amazing. Once they remembered the picture, they could as well remember your article.

Promote social media sharing

There are simple ways and few clicks away to share anything you had found interesting and worth reading. Beautiful images encourage people to share what they had seen and read.

Clarifies the idea of the article

Some articles are too long but still not enough to impose the exact message it should give. Correct images could sum up the idea and answer any questions left in the reader’s mind.

Readers could pause for a while

Long articles could be boring but with an image, your readers could break for a second and finish reading in an instance.

A picture can be worth a thousand words. So why not use a single image in everything you have in your website to make it more interesting and worth reading.