Zia Smetka, an Australian born health & fitness ambassador and specialized personal trainer since 2006 started the website to help people not only achieve their desired result, but to teach people how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle for the rest of their lives. She has found out that most people who are striving to be at their best do not get the full service they require.
This inspires her to act and create a service to aid people reach their full potential and maintain the results for the rest of their life. The studio is located at East Victoria Park, Australia. Zia Smetka’s services include all-inclusive lifestyle package, corporate training, semi-private training, bridal transformation, group fitness, contest preparation, and seminars and motivational talks.

Project Overview


Zia Smetka, together with BMC Solutions decided to create a website which is professionally designed for the services it is offering. In addition, it must have organized information needed by the visitors to find what they are looking for. The website will be mobile responsive, user-friendly and socially interactive. Since the website is about fitness, workouts, and personal training, the following menus must be included:
a. Home (the homepage must be visually enticing and enticing)
b. About (this will have a short bio and description for the website)
c. Services (description for each service will be included)
d. Gallery (this will feature photos and awards for the viewers to get informed better with the website)
e. Blog (this will for the updates like articles, news, etc.)
f. Testimonials (this will feature what clients say about Zia Smetka’s services)
g. Contact(a page to get in touch and have a view where the studio is located)


Social media platforms must be also included to get more social interaction. A Subscribe area must be also present in every page for the visitors to sign up for newsletters, for instance. Overall, it must be a professionally- looking, efficiently working and responsive website for a service offered by Zia Smetka.

Initial Website Concepts


Initially, the concepts that were given to be implemented to the website is to just create one which can inform people what is Zia Smetka and introduce to them the services the website is offering.
There must be also a way on how to contact the website and easily find their studios. Using a great color scheme and great layout is also a vital element for the website designing.



Our Solution


BMC Solutions know that there is a high competition among the websites in the same field of fitness and personal training. So we make first further analysis on how Zia Smetka can stand out or compete well with others in the same niche.
To be able to reach the target market and effectively promote the services Zia Smetka offers, a well-developed and functioning website must be created.
We choose a theme which has all the features and elements needed to accomplish the proposed project.
The created website looks professional and is obvious that it deals with fitness and training. Every page contains respective information and visitors can easily grasp the details they need to know.



It is also developed to be mobile responsive and user-friendly. The website offers easy navigation features and as well as useful footer section. It has the contact details, Subscribe button and social media button to stay connected with Zia Smetka for any updates.


The logo was also given emphasis. It’s simple, yet complements well with the website.
The clean, professional, and precise look of the website makes it more visually enticing, thus adding the overall impact to be stunning, responsive and user-friendly!